Medical Negligence in Ireland: An Overview

Medical negligence law covers personal injury owing to the negligence of a medical professional. This type of negligence can come from a nurse, doctor or other medical organization or professional.

Medical negligence claims

There are many possible ways through which medical negligence can occur.

  • Misdiagnosis: Failure to diagnose a patient properly
  • Birth injury claims: Complications to a mother and / or baby during childbirth
  • Wrong prescription: Failure to prescribe appropriate medications
  • Surgical mistakes: Mistakes made during the application of anesthesia or in the usage of medical equipment
  • Timing issues with treatment: Failure to provide affected and timely treatment

Time frame –How long do I have to take a case?

The statute of limitation is the time limit set for medical negligence claims. The claim must be brought within 2 years from the day of injury or two years from the date of knowledge.

But the limit is inapplicable in a couple of cases listed below:

  • Children: If your child suffers from medical negligence, there is an exception. You can make a claim anytime before they turn 18. After your child turns 18, the general rule applies. Hence a claim must reach the court before they turn 21.
  • Mental ability: The victim must have the ability to make a claim for themselves.
  • Knowledge. If the injury is only discovered some time later (i.e: after the two year period, the statute of limitations only starts to run from that date of knowledge).
  • Medical negligence solicitors in Ireland

How to find the solicitor you need?

Many surf the internet and visit the websites of the law firms to find the best medical negligence solicitors in Ireland. This is standard in today’s world  however we strongly recommend you have a no obligation consultation with the firms you intend to potentially use either by phone or in person to ensure they have the requisite expertise to take your claim

We pride ourselves on having:

  • Knowledge: Precise knowledge of medical negligence law which is crucial to winning  any case
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