Four signs you may be able to make a medical negligence claim

When you are suffering pain, emotional trauma or physical disability due to incorrect or inadequate treatment by a medical professional, it can feel like a profound injustice. During our lifetimes, almost all of us will visit a hospital, undergo a surgical procedure, and use the services of a dentist or visit a GP practice.

Most of the time, things go smoothly, but when something goes wrong and you are left with negative after effects, there may be a case for a medical negligence claim. So, if you are suffering negative symptoms as a result of medical treatment, what are some of the signs that you may, in fact, have a case to make a claim for medical negligence?


medical negligence



1. There was an established duty of care

If you were treated by a medical professional, such as a surgeon, consultant, doctor, dentist or nurse who had a duty of care towards you, then it is possible that you have a case if something subsequently went wrong with the treatment. If the medical professional was treating you in a clinical capacity at the time and was aware of your condition or in the process of diagnosis, they will likely have had a duty of care towards you.

2.There have been breaches in a duty of care

If a reasonable level of care was not achieved, it is possible that the medical professional’s duty of care has been breached. This could encompass actions such as failure to diagnose an obvious condition, prescribing or administering the wrong medication, or failing to act in a way that would prevent conditions worsening.

3. Harm resulted from the breaches in the duty of care

Preventable harm that has resulted from the wrong actions or inaction of medical staff could mean that you have a medical negligence case. This harm could be relatively minor injuries or it could be severe and permanent conditions that significantly impact your quality of life. It can also incorporate psychological or emotional trauma, depending on the situation and condition.


Things may be complicated to you while dealing with medical negligence in Ireland, but it is the truth that Irish law gives you a remedy for compensation against any form of medical negligence. You can file a claim for any kind of sort of injury due to medical malpractice against the doctor, hospital, or other health care provider.

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